We are Affreschi USA, and since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly to expand our product offerings and make our customers experience even better. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to performing even better.  


Affreschi & Affreschi was born in 1997 from an intuition, a dream, and enthusiasm.  

From the desire to bring into our reality what has always existed in the energy of the universe, which moves everything and creates everything. Believe in your dreams and never give up, go towards them with confidence, and they will find a way to believe in you!  


 Our wall decorations are reproduced on a special unrollable plaster, 1 mm thick, 100% hand custom made and hand-kneaded by our master craftsmen with a unique mixture of 27 high-quality raw materials, including lime, Carrara marble, and Roman travertine.  


This is an innovative, natural, and certified product, with high-quality raw materials and zero VOC emissions, in full respect of nature and man.  

Our custom-made supports, elaborated according to the specific requests of each customer, including; design, size, and type of wall. You can choose any design from our 12 different collections, or we can create your own image or photo.  

We do have the standards of comfort and resistance to wear. The water and dust of our handcrafted wallpapers are very high: they do not crease, do not peel off, and, with their porous surface, it is naturally breathable and free of plastic materials. They leave the wall free to leak, favoring the necessary oxygen recirculation between the external and internal environment.  


We also have quality certifications, including Sustainable and natural materials, colors, acoustic absorption, reaction to fire, and thermal resistance. 


Beauty is the word we love the most.
A living concept, always evolving, never still.
Because that’s what our work is:  craftsmanship in continuous evolution.

For us, every project is a tailor-made suit, each product a path of research,
each design a story in itself, a living tale, made of plaster, creativity, and human technique.


Everything we do is Made in Italy,
in the wake of a great tradition of art and
culture that we are honored to carry on.

It is quality without compromise.

Beauty is also a love of things done well.